T-shirts have always been a stable for the cool kids, don’t believe me? Go ask the folk from the early 1900s, they were really big on t-shirts. Pair our classic, redefined and modern style eyewear with our high-quality tee shirts to get that overall feel good/cool package.

Because the Cali cool brand is highly invested in your bringing out/highlighting the cool in you and ensuring that you are absolutely comfortable all the way, we also feature an extensive variety of t-shirts to make that day out on the beach in the summertime a total knock right out of the park.

Our quality t-shirts are made with 100% Ring-Spun Combed Cotton, expertly crafted into double-needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem, finished off with durable rib neckband to further reinforce that outstanding and enviable durability.

Let us help make the sometimes crazy summer heat a tad bearable with our range of t-shirts that keep you social cool and airy cool!


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Letting you enjoy the more cooling evening breeze without catching a cold or freezing to death was our goal with these fantastic sweatshirts.

Cali-cool has got you covered all year round no matter the season.

Our style range of hoodie style sweat shirts is further diversified into the pullover and zipper categories to suit whatever style mood you are in.

As usual, we aren’t just meticulous when it comes to the look of our pieces; we are also very specific when it comes to your comfort as our sweatshirts are made to suit your skin type, from standard to highly sensitive.

The idea of keeping you warm when it’s cold doesn’t mean that we intend to have you swimming in a pool of sweat, the 60% Cotton / 40% polyester nature of our sweatshirts are highly lightweight and breathable as your comfort is paramount.

Hooded Sweatshirts 

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Hooded Full Zip Sweatshirts 

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