Who are we?

Cali Cool is a self-care brand that has cracked the code of combining fashion with comfort that expresses the way you unwind, present yourself to others and feel confident within.  Our brand name, logo and gradient type eyewear defines us.  We are the vision of fun, comfort, and bring out the little things in life that really matter.

With Cali Cool, you are getting more than your buck’s worth. Our brand began from the inherent need to be able to make people feel good about themselves. At the same time, we wanted this positive change to be affordable to all.  Years were invested in coming up with our very first eyewear pieces.  Subsequent years were spent to further enhancing our products which gave birth to a most impressive range of eyewear and apparel to hit the markets.

Why do we do it?

The Cali Cool brand is unmatched when it comes to putting out apparel and accessories that would fit perfectly in a quality hall of fame, with our entire base materials used being sourced from worldwide locations that provide the highest form of quality.

We wanted to make something that would help you feel confident while not breaking the bank. Other companies charge extra for special lenses and frames but at Cali Cool, you do not have to worry about that because these glasses have the quality of high end sunglasses without the high prices.