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Being dubbed the most popular selling sunglasses in history, the wayfarers are really a trendsetter. These are go-to frames whether you’re going out with friends or spending some time outside enjoying the sun

Presenting the aviator, and like a phoenix reborn from its ashes, this timeless design maintains its traditional sporty feel but is re-imagined by Cali Cool to suit this current era.

With the club master sunglasses, you have a lover, whose experience lives forever in the hearts of true sunglass aficionados. These frames fit everyone and you’ll never want to leave the house without them

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Why Choose Cali Cool?

Spring Hinges

Wear Cali Cool frames for hours with no discomfort, Every style of Cali Cool sunglasses have spring hinges that will not dig into the sides of your head.

Gradient Lenses

Whether you are reading a book or driving to work, you will always see clearly. With gradient lenses, you will have no problem seeing the dashboard when you look down but still be confident your eyes are protected from harmful UV rays.

Lenses with Great Clarity

At Cali Cool we believe that every pair of our sunglass lens has great clarity. Having quality lenses means never having to move your head around to avoid sun glare. Water and windshields will never look more clear.

We Care

Cali Cool cares. Every year Cali Cool will select four different charities to donate a portion of our profits from sunglass sales. Right now we are committed to donating part of our proceeds to St. Judes Children’s Hospital. By purchasing a pair of Cali Cool Sunglasses, you will be supporting cancer research and contributing to hospital bills of children getting treatment.