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Presenting the aviator, and like a phoenix reborn from its ashes, this timeless design maintains its traditional sporty feel but is re-imagined by Cali Cool to suit this current era.

Just like with the original aviator sunglasses designed in 1936 by Baush and Lomb for pilots for the protection of their eyesight when flying, our modern-day aviators are great for everyone who requires any form eye protection while looking absolutely cool.

Ever wondered where the aviators got their name from? Well now you know. And oh, you don’t have to be a pilot to be just as cool, the Cali Cool aviators were made to help you channel your cool.

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Being dubbed the most popular selling sunglasses in history, the boler wayfarers are really a trendsetter.

This eyewear was inspired by a more subtle version of a showdown in little Tokyo style rivalry between Eames chairs and Cadillac tail fins.

The remarkable trapezoidal frame of these bad boys told a tale of a non-verbal language that though vague, hinted at a level of delicious and unstable dangerousness.

Am I speaking your language? Ever dream of what the dark side could hold?…….the wayfarer might just be for you,*wink.

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With the club master sunglasses, you have a lover, whose sweet experience lives forever in the hearts of true sunglass aficionados.
The club master or brownie glasses, cleverly coined its name from its frame structure which is of a bold upper and frames the lenses in the same magnificent lay in which the eyebrows frame the eyes.

The club master’s look is unmistaken as it is quite the head turner with its subtle but exquisitely classy finish.

Being a geek and too-cool-for-school at the same time just got easier!

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