Our Story / Our Brand

Cali Cool is a hip fashion and self-care brand that has indeed cracked the code of impressively marrying fun and cool fashion apparel with comfort and self-care.

Imagine spending money on a cool pair of sunglasses that not only brings out the cool in you, but also protects your eyes from the crazy sun rays like those found in the California area? Money well spent if you asked me.

From our brand name, logo and gradient type eyewear, we are the vision of fun, comfort and the little things of life that really matter.

Our sun eyewear is a superb combination of visual color and enhancement, with each of our classic styles structured with spring hinges and gradient lens that not only protects your eyes but ultimately ups your mood, making you more aware of the subtle and intricate beauty in your surroundings.

Cali Cool Pacific Healthy

The Cali Cool brand is unmatched when it comes to putting out apparel and accessories that would fit perfectly in a quality hall of fame, with our entire base materials used being sourced from worldwide locations that provide the highest form of quality, unmatched by no other.

We never fail to impress with our excellent selection of eyewear, t-shirts and sweatshirts that ensure that everyone immediately gets curious once you walk into that room. Can you imagine being the coolest person in the room every time? I don’t think even the coolest guy on earth has worked that one out yet.

With Cali Cool, you are getting more than your buck’s worth. Our brand began from the inherent need to be able to make people feel good and at the same time be very comfortable, and the years that was invested in coming up with our very first eyewear pieces and the subsequent years spent to enhance further our products have given birth the most impressive range of eyewear and apparel to hit the markets.