The eyewear category of our brand being our original love child takes center stage and will always be the highlight of our brand.

Presenting the aviator, and like a phoenix reborn from its ashes, this timeless design maintains its traditional sporty feel but is re-imagined by Cali Cool to suit this current era.

Being dubbed the most popular selling sunglasses in history, the wayfarers are really a trendsetter. This eyewear was inspired by a more subtle version of a showdown in little Tokyo style..

With the club master sunglasses, you have a lover, whose sweet experience lives forever in the hearts of true sunglass aficionados. The club master or brownie glasses..

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Both our T Shirts and Sweatshirts are comfortable and sport Cali Cool trendy designs.

This casual wardrobe will make heads turn and eyes stare when attending any occasion.

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